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    Changchun Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September of 2013, located in High-Tech Industrial development Zone, Changchun, China. Lightweight company introduced the patent from Swiss Quardrant and imported the whole production line from Europe. With a high beginning, high-tech and high grade, Lightweight Technology specialized in the research and production of low-weight composite material - SymaLITE ® . At present Lightweight company is the largest production base of SymaLITE ® in Asia.

       SymaLITE® composite is outstanding in low consumption and weight reduction, which is of lightweight, low-density and high-strength comparing with metal and GMT/LFT material. It has been widely used by mainstream OEMs because of simple parts-production process and flexible tool design which result in relative low production cost.

    Lightweight company emphasizes clean production and adheres to the philosophy of people-oriented, the company key value is to get wins balance among customer, environment and our own.


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