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  • 1991   Founded in Haerbin, the main product is safety belt 

    2001   The whole factory moved into Changchun  

                The main products changed to stamping and rolling parts

    2003   Enter the new field of long-glass fiber parts  

    2004   Localize the 1st GMT underbody shield for Audi  

    2005   Localize the 1st LFT-D underbody shield and 1st LFT-G frontend for VW  

    2006   Localize the 1st cockpit carrier for Audi  

    2008   Founded Suzhou Engley  

    2009   Founded Chengdu Engley  

                Founded a JV company with ALCAN

    2011   Establish Shenyang, Yizheng, and Foshan Engley

    2013   The construction of Tianjin Engley and Tianjin Linde Engley is completed

                Restructure and establish Changchun Engley Automobile Industry Co., Ltd.

              Establish JointVenture Company--HONGLI Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    2014   Changsha ENGLEY is under construction

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