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    CAYMANENGLEY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. located in CAYMAN ISLANDS and was founded onJanuary 16th, 2015, offering denomination NTD 10 per share, meanwhile obtaining100% equity of Changchun Engley Automobile Industry Co., LTD. through a shareswap. The company interests in Jilin, Liaoning, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Sichuan,Hunan and Guangdong and has more than ten years automotive componentsproduction history.


    Subsidiariesof the company including Changchun Engley Auto. Parts Co., LTD, Suzhou EngleyAuto. Parts Co., LTD, Chengdu Engley Auto. Parts Co., LTD, Yizheng Engley Auto.Parts Manucacturing Co., LTD, Liaoning Engley Auto. Parts Co., LTD, FoshanEngley Auto. Parts Co., LTD, Tianjin Engley Tooling Manufacturing Co., LTD,Changchun Lightweight Co., LTD, Changsha Engley Auto. Parts Co., LTD.


    The maincategory of products can be sort as metal and non-metal. The company providesexcellent products to BenzAudiVWGM AutoJaquarLand RoverBMW and Volov with its sophisticated experience in production andoutstanding product development.  

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